Vision and Values

To be a reference in management and efficiency, training and developing our people. To achieve leadership in the global market of nitrocellulose and expand its applications, prioritizing safety, health, the environment, and the use of materials from renewable sources

Safety and Environment

We believe that every accident can be avoided, and we work with the world’s best practices in safety and environment.

Our Way

Our team runs our business with autonomy and responsibility of an owner, focusing on growth and profitability.


We hire, develop and retain people who are better than us, interested and capable of making a difference. We practice leadership by example in an open environment that fosters learning and growth.


We love exceeding our targets and we believe that they can always be more challenging and that efficiency and costs should be constantly improved. Our rewards are based on merit and responsibility.


Our success is directly underpinned by our ability to provide products and services that will allow our customers to achieve and exceed their goals.

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) Policy

The QHSE Policy establishes the strategic direction and commitments of the business aligned with our vision and values.


Global Presence

We are a global company, engaged to promote excellent results in chemical solutions, which simplify people’s life and improve our costumers businesses. We operate through a production plant, R&D center, distribution centers and technical and commercial teams, which are strategically located to assure excellence in customer support. Check the map aside for more information about our global footprint.

en Ásia

en África

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The regional office, strategically located in Vienna, Austria, is responsible for supporting our customers located inEurope, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.



We operate a distribution center in Tavazzano, Italy, through which we service our customers in Europe.



We operate a distribution center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, through which we service our customers in Europe.



We operate a distribution center in Le Havre, France, through which we service our customers in Europe.

United States

United States

North America is an extremely important market for nitrocellulose-based products and to meet the needs of our customers in the region, we have a solutions plant (ALCHEMIX) and Distribution Centers strategic located in Atlanta, GA and New Jersey,NJ.

ALCHEMIX is responsible for the production and market of nitrocellulose-based solutions for flexible packaging printing inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, wood surface treatments, leather and automotive refinish coatings. The mill is located in College Park, GA and is one of the leading suppliers of this products to north-American market.

The company also supplies special adhesives, as well as fractionated sulfuric acid to manufacturers of batteries for domestic use, generators, heavy machinery and vehicles.



Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is the most modern and innovative manufacturer of nitrocellulose and nitrocellulose-derived solutions worldwide.

In addition to the production plant and administrative headquarters, that site has a modern R&D center that enables us to expand the frontiers of applications for our products.

ALCHEMIX – A Nitro Quimica Company

ALCHEMIX produces nitrocellulose-based solutions for the flexible packaging printing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, wood surface treatment, leather and automotive refinish coatings industries, and also specialty adhesives for the US market and other regions.

The company also supplies fractioned sulfuric acid for various markets, such as batteries for domestic use, generators, heavy machinery and vehicles

Since 2016, ALCHEMIX is a Nitro Quimica Company, which enabled the company to increase its portfolio and its commitment with North-American market.

For more information, click here to access our local website.

Tratamento / Captação de água

Uma coisa muito importante e que você precisa saber, é que, captamos e tratamos a água do rio Tietê para uso em nossos processos internos e enviamos o efluente diretamente para SABESP. Com o processo de tratamento desta água, além de economizar e ajudar o meio ambiente, geramos 40% da energia consumida na empresa.

CO-Geração de Energia

Breve resumo desta ação

Pegada de Carbono

Breve resumo desta ação

Conselho Comunitário Consultivo - CCC

É o canal de comunicação entre Cia. Nitro Química e a comunidade para assuntos relacionados à Saúde, Segurança e Meio Ambiente.

O Conselho Comunitário, parte do Programa Atuação Responsável, é uma das iniciativas da ABIQUIM (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Químicas) para promoção da competitividade e do desenvolvimento sustentável da indústria química.

Certificada em Gestão da Qualidade

Somos uma empresa comprometida com a sustentabilidade e Certificada em Gestão da Qualidade (ISO 9001). Tendo a responsabilidade de saber onde nossas atividades influenciam na qualidade do produto ou serviço e realizá-las com perfeição para garantir a satisfação do cliente.

Certificada em Gestão Ambiental

Nós trabalhamos para garantir que todos os aspectos ambientais de nossas atividades estejam identificados e somos responsáveis por eliminar ou controlar seus impactos ao meio ambiente.

Certificada em Saúde e Segurança do trabalhador

Todos os perigos inerentes às nossas atividades estão identificados e nossa responsabilidade é garantir a segurança em todas as atividades realizadas através de rigorosa avaliação, eliminação ou controle dos riscos e pratica da interdependência.

Atuação Responsável

Somos associados da ABIQUIM (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Química) desde 1992, ano de lançamento do Programa Atuação Responsável® no Brasil. Desde a certificação em 2005,o programanos permitecontinuamente aperfeiçoar nossas práticas e índices de Saúde, Segurança, Meio Ambiente e Responsabilidade Social em toda cadeia de valor.


One of our company’s key strategic drivers is sustainability. Our nitrocellulose is produced with natural raw materials and contains 50% or 80% biorenewable contents. In addition to being a decisive element guiding our R&D efforts, sustainability also plays a very important part in our projects and investments decisions.

See below a summary of the results achieved in the past few years through our projects:

  • Water consumption (m³/ton):
    between 2005 and 2016

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (Nm³/ton):
    between 2005 and 2016

  • Waste generation (kg/ton):
    between 2005 and 2016

Annual Sustainability Report

"Escola de Talentos"

This initiative encourages students from public schools from
Sao Paulo to overcome socioeconomic challenges, extend their personal development, identify their talents and oriented them to the labor market.


Those who drive or walk by Nitro Quimica surroundings, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, can find one of the biggest artistic outdoor panels in Latin America. With approximately 2.500 m² and 900 m of extension, the wall that surrounds the company was an instrument for region artists expresses in a graffiti form the history of Sao Miguel Paulista district.

KIDS’ Karate

Supported by Nitro Quimica, the Project “KIDS’ Karate” intends to help people with intellectual impairment through the practice of Karate. Beside this, the sports practice seeks to promote participants’ physical and motor abilities and increase their corporal consciousness.

Barretos Cancer Hospital

Nitro Quimica supports the Barretos Hospital, the biggest and most advanced oncologic cancer treatment center in Brazil, which have 10 units focused on this disease treatment.

Aware of the importance and effort in the fight against cancer, the company had contributed with the researches projects and equipment’s acquisitions to treat cancer.

TUCCA Association

TUCCA (Association for children and teenagers with Cancer) seeks to improve recovery rates and life quality of poor children and teenagers going through cancer treatment in hospitals in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Social Responsibility

We believe we can significantly contribute to the process of building and developing a better world.

Our Projects:

Our History

We are proud to have pioneered the development of Brazil’s modern chemical industry. Learn more about our history through the video aside or the timeline below.

An idea for a new company


The US-based faux silk manufacturer Tubize Chatillon Corporation stopped its operations which brought industrialist Wolf Klabin and entrepreneur Jose Ermirio de Moraes together to create Brazil’s first chemical industry: Companhia Nitro Química Brasileira, on September 11th, 1935.

Officially inaugurated


The company is officially inaugurated by the then president Getulio Vargas.

The company grew and expanded its portfolio to meet the growing demand for Brazilian-made products, which stemmed from the shortages caused by the Second World War. In the course of the 1940’s, it becomes the largest 100-percent Brazilian-based chemical company.



The company invested to improve quality and to diversify producing carbon disulfide, viscose flakes, soda and derivatives, sulfuric acid, viscose yarns for tires, and linter cellulose.

Modernization of management and production practices


The company’s reorganization ensured economic feasibility and growth in production in order to supply both external and internal markets.

With a pioneering spirit, Nitro Quimica created a data processing center and also established a quality program and a new human resources policy, stressing employee training, skills and dedication.

Chemicals specialization


Nitro Quimica improved the focus on nitrocellulose and sulfuric acid production. At the same time, the company keeps investing in technology, management, environment safety and social responsibility, revamping its nitrocellulose production unit to become  the most modern in the world.

Expansion seeking for leadership


Between 1999 and 2006, the company carries on with its modernization plan building a new plant that allowed it to expand its production capacity to supply the growing global demand for nitrocellulose.

With exportation for all continents, the company is recognized as a pioneer in quality and demonstrates high growth potential for the future.

History keeps written by new hands


Faro Group takes over Nitro Quimica and consolidates it as a major global player in the nitrocellulose industry worldwide.

The company bolsters its commitment to excellence in production processes, product quality, safety and innovation, seeking to strengthen relationship and partnership with customers and suppliers, while securing leadership and competitiveness in the nitrocellulose and sulfuric acid markets.

Success vision


With the vision that our success is related to meeting the needs and promoting the business of our customers, Nitro Quimica expands the development of nitrocellulose-based products and opens its nitrocellulose solutions plant, focusing on providing customers with customized solutions.

International expansion


The year 2016 is marked by the internationalization of Nitro Quimica. Aiming to increase our commitment to customers in the regions and segments we serve, the company opens its first foreign regional office, in Vienna, Austria, and acquires Alchemix, a manufacturer of nitrocellulose-based solutions located in Atlanta, GA (USA).

Additionally, the year is also marked by our focus on innovation and expansion of the company’s portfolio, which reflects in investments in our R&D centers, facilities and new products.

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